Is Trinity Arts Centre haunted?

Trinity Arts Centre

With so many historical buildings in the town it’s not surprising to hear the odd ghost story or two!

Trinity Arts Centre, formally Church of Holy Trinity was built in 1841-43 to serve the growing population of Gainsborough. The church became redundant in 1973 and was converted in to an arts centre the mid 80s.

Lisa Weller, Box Office and Administration Manager, said: “We’ve had numerous ghost hunts here at Trinity Arts Centre, and they’ve never disappointed.  Things usually happen which leave us all either unable to explain what we have just seen, or heading for the exits!

“In the past, we have had tables lifting off the floor, orbs appearing on the cameras and many reports of music playing or lights being switched on after the rooms have been checked and locked.

“I have worked here since 1997 and even now after all these years sometimes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, especially when being backstage. We even have CCTV footage that looks like a ghostly image of a woman caught walking through walls!”

What do you think? Is Trinity Arts Centre haunted? Let us know!

View the CCTV footage below.

*Please be advised that the CCTV footage contains bright, flickering lights.*

Halloween this year is going to be different. Due to the current climate, we all have to make sure we celebrate the spooky season in a responsible and safe manner. Find out more on West Lindsey District Council’s website.

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*Trinity Arts Centre plans to re-open in December this year – for more information and for tickets, visit their website here –