10 Fun Activities you can do at home over the Easter Bank Holiday


It’s the start of the Easter bank holiday tomorrow and you’re probably thinking how you’re going to keep the family entertained during lockdown.

Even though the weather is looking favourable, don’t be tempted to travel and stay home to help others stay safe. Remember you can still go out for your daily exercise but remember to keep it local and avoid interaction with other people if you can.

We’ve been in lockdown for a few weeks now so you’re probably starting to run out of activity ideas. There are loads of ideas out there online as well as useful videos. Here’s is what we’ve chosen for you to try this bank holiday weekend:

  1. Board Games

Take a break from your consoles and try a good old-fashioned board game! It will give you a chance to catch up with your family and can be really fun if you’ve got a competitive streak!

  1. Try some baking

Baking is also another great way to spend time with each other. It can also be a stress relief for some people and a great opportunity to be creative. Plus – who doesn’t love cake?

  1. Do an Easter Egg hunt at home

Many families normally head out to enjoy the many Easter Egg Hunts that are on offer so why not create one at home. There are loads of great hiding places in your houses and if you have a garden, why not venture out there too.

  1. The West Lindsey’s Big Easter Egg Hunt

West Lindsey District Council are asking their residents to take part in their Easter Egg hunt! Download and print their colouring sheet and show off your artistic skills! If you don’t have printer, you can design your own – the more creative the better!

Place your masterpiece in your window so people can see when they pass by your house. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for other eggs in your neighbourhood when you go for a walk with your family!

  1. Watch Live Lunchtimes with Woodside Wildlife Park

Get up close to the animals at Woodside Wildlife Park as they live stream their feeding times on Facebook. They are currently broadcasting Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. They also post photos and other videos during the week.

  1. Set up camp in your garden

Dig out your tent and spend the night under the stars. If you don’t have either you can always make your own out of bedsheets in your living room. It’s just as fun and a great chance for your kids to use their imagination.

  1. Have a kick up competition

Challenge your family to see how many kicks up they can do. Make sure you keep score and offer a prize for the highest score! It’s load of fun and you’ll also improve your hand-eye coordination!

  1. Play Catch

It’s simple but can be lots of fun! Get the whole family involved and create challenges for each other. How many times can you pass the ball in 30 seconds? How long can you last without dropping it?

  1. Make a May Flower

We are still asking people to help us make May Flowers for our Mayflower Community Art Project! You can knit, crochet and make loom flowers by using the templates available from our Pilgrim Roots page. If that is too technical, you can have a go at our card or milk bottle template. Make sure to keep them safe and we’ll let you know when you can drop them in.

  1. Enter Lincoln Castle’s short story competition

As part of their theme ‘Once Upon A Time’, the team at Lincoln Castle are asking for stories to be written about Lucy, the Castle’s dragon. Lucy has been a visitor to the Castle every one hundred years and has witnessed and experienced so much over the last thousand years! You can help tell her stories by entering their short story competition! Visit the Lincoln Castle website for more information and how to enter.