A partial escape and an enforced separation

We pick up the story from last week during high drama near Immingham, as the Pilgrim families are separated in their attempts to escape from England for Holland.

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New Lincolnshire Lamb Producer to join Saturday’s Farmers’ Market

Home grown Lincolnshire Lamb

A new trader is joining the Farmers’ & Craft Market in Gainsborough this weekend selling locally bred, reared and produced lamb.

Westwood Farm is a local lamb producer based in the village of Westwood in Lincolnshire. They rear Pedigree Lleyns, Suffolk and Texel mules which graze on the grass land around the farm, carefully monitored to ensure they are happy and healthy in their environment.

Colin and Emma Butcher have now joined the Farmers’ & Craft Market to sell their quality home grown lamb produce for the first time in Gainsborough.

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Prezzo at Marshalls Yard set to reopen next week


Prezzo at Marshalls Yard in Gainsborough is preparing to reopen its doors on Monday 13th July at 12pm.

Marshalls Yard shoppers are now able to book a reservation via the Prezzo website following a 16 week closure due to the lockdown.

Prezzo classics will be making a return to the menu including a wide range of authentic Italian pasta, pizzas, calzone’s, salads and wines.

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Mayflower exhibition at Gainsborough Old Hall displaying work from local schools has been made available online

Lea School

Back in March, Gainsborough Old Hall had no choice but to close its doors due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Old Hall is still currently closed meaning that the public have not been able to enjoy their collections and exhibitions, including a display of work created by local schools.

Schools from across West Lindsey and North Nottinghamshire were invited to participate in the ‘Schools’ Pilgrim Exhibition’ which involved creating pieces or work inspired by the Mayflower story, which commemorates its 400th anniversary this year.

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Popular Gainsborough salon relaunches in new location!


The team at Stringers Hairdressing in Gainsborough reopened last weekend with a brand-new look and a new town centre location.

Headed by husband and wife hairdressing team Steve and Pippa Stringer, the salon has now relocated from Britannia House at Marshall’s Yard to a newly refurbished unit on North Street. The new unit is part of the regeneration of the Market Street and North Street area of Gainsborough.

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Escape #2


From Gainsborough to Immingham to Holland

After a failed first attempt to escape England from Boston on the south Lincolnshire coast, the Pilgrims needed to think again about their plans. They were still resolved to go, and so needed to come up with an alternative route.

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More Businesses Prepare to Open at Marshall’s Yard

Marshall's Yard

The team at Marshall’s Yard in Gainsborough are preparing to welcome more businesses back in July as the restrictions on restaurants, café’s and bars are lifted.

Hairdressers and barbers can also open from Saturday July 4th when Sophie Amelia Rose will reopen for business – all returning businesses are now busy preparing to open their doors with the new restrictions and safety measures in place.

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The Separatists are held in Boston

After making their way to the Lincolnshire coast near Boston, the Pilgrims were hoping to escape from England for new lives in Holland. But their secret escape plan was thwarted after they were betrayed by the master of the ship who had agreed to take them to Holland. Their ordeal in Boston was recalled by William Bradford in his diary years later:

“Being thus first, by the catchpole officers [sheriff’s deputies], rifled, & stripped of their money, books, and much other goods, they were presented to the magistrates, and messengers sent to inform the lords of the Counsel of them; and so they were committed toward.”

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Escape #1


Sixty miles to the coast: attempting to flee from Boston

Once the Separatists made their minds up about fleeing from England in search of tolerance in Holland, they needed to find a means of escape. They were living inland, in Nottinghamshire and around Gainsborough, so they needed to make their way to the coast.

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Separatists forced to live secret lives

Religious life changed dramatically throughout the course of the 15th and 16th century. As each monarch changed, there were big changes in the way the Church expected people to practise their faith – and everyone was expected to follow the Church’s rules. If you didn’t, you were likely to find yourself before the Church courts facing a fine or worse.

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